20 inch Vermont Cart / Garden Way Cart Wheels, Tires, Tube, Rim Replacements

Code: parts20

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Full Assembly 20 in Wheel-Tire-Tube-1/2 bearing $59.95
Full Assembly 20 in Wheel-Tire-Tube-5/8 bearing $59.95
Full Assembly 20 in Wheel-Tire-Tube-3-4 bearing $59.95
20 inch tube only $14.95
20 inch Tire Only $20.95
Wheel/Rim only- 1/2 bearing $32.95
Wheel/Rim only-5/8 bearing $32.95
Wheel/Rim only-3/4 bearing $32.95

Need replacement Wheels , Tires, or Tubes for your Vermont Cart/Garden Way Cart Model 20? You can order them here. This is for the 20 inch wheel. These are just like the factory units. The pneumatic wheel is like a bicycle tire where there is a tube which requires air. The pneumatic wheel handles a little better over rough terrain, however, it will need to be replenished with air from time to time.

Technical Specifications

    If different size is needed please call us.
    Hub is 3 3/8 inches Should work on all carts.

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