Hormodin Rooting Powder #3

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Hormodin is used for the rooting of cuttings. Hormodin contains IBA(indole-3 butyric acid), a rooting hormone, used to improve root formation on cuttings during plant propagation.

The most powerful #3(this product) blend works best for hardwood cuttings or the most difficult-to-root wood cuttings: blueberries, bramble crops(raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries), grapes, pussy willows, hollies, evergreens, and dormant leafless cuttings .For stronger rootings of cuttings, buy Hormodin today

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Technical Specifications

  • #3 Blend - 00.8% Indole-3 butyric Acid; 99.2% Other
  • Reduces plant loss
  • Enhances root growth

Additional Information

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