4 year 6 mil CLEAR Greenhouse Film

Code: G4Y6MGF

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This tough polyethylene unfolds easily, installs quickly, and stands up to 4 years of UV bombardment. This Greenhouse Plastic is as good as it gets! These plastics/films are made from the toughest polyethylene resin in the business, on a machine that stretches it out and makes it thin. Many people used to buy Brand Visqueen in Plastic. This has taken its place.

Because of production methods that produce this thin, yet durable polyethylene resin, greenhouse plants benefit from optimum light transmission for optimum plant growth. Infra-red additives helps to maintain a more stable greenhouse environment and reduces heat loss.

Increase the life of your greenhouse film by cleaning it with soap and water every six months. Greenhouse Plastic has a 4 year guarantee, but I have known growers to get up to 8 years out of their greenhouse film!

Use of this product on a PVC frame will void the warranty if you do not use a primer on the pipe. If you want to use our Greenhouse Film on a PVC house, please call us to properly prepare you house for this film.

***During Peak Seasons, Greenhouse Film will take up to 10 - 14 business days to ship. ***

***Please allow yourself plenty of overlapping for a sure fit.***

***Please plan accordingly.***

***Film ships to the lower 48 states ONLY, no international shipping.***

Technical Specifications

  • 4 year, 6 mil
  • Clear plastic
  • UV Treated
  • 91% Light Transmission
  • Custom Sizes are Available