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Grower's Learning Center

Greenhouses have long been hailed as sanctuaries for plant growth, providing a controlled environment that extends growing seasons and enhances yield. Among the many factors influencing greenhouse efficiency, condensation often takes a back seat in discussions. However, condensation plays a crucial role in optimizing greenhouse conditions and fostering healthier plant growth. Let's explore the remarkable benefits of condensation in a greenhouse.
  • 5 min read
Have questions about your drip irrigation system?  Need help picking out which fertilizer injector is best for your needs?  Our team dives deep into some of the most commonly asked questions to help take the mystery out of irrigation.  Increase your production and create an easier workflow with one of our Garden Kits
  • 7 min read

How will you ship my frame?

All of our greenhouse frames & kits are shipped via motor freight.

Are the frames or kits hard to install?

No, we give you complete instructions, and if you do have any questions feel free to call us at 1-931-528-3390. Most frames can be installed in a day and kits can be installed in 2 days.

How are the ground staked attached?

You will drive the side Stakes in the ground a minimum of 18 inches but can drive them up to 24 inches in the ground.

Will these greenhouses hold up in snow or ice?

Yes, under normal conditions they do an excellent job. They are made out of industrial grade tubing. Please understand that common sense tells us if you have 6 inches of wet snow on a greenhouse that it would be smart to sweep some off just for safety's sake.

Do you offer complete packages or kits?

Yes we do but you need to email us so we can custom bid those items. For Specs please see below.

All frames come complete with Bows, Purlin, Ground Stakes, Cross Connectors, Misc Hardware, and instructions for installation.

  • 3 min read