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Oasis Horticubes #5231 1" Thin Cut - Case Qty of 5520

  • Similar to Oasis Rootcubes, Horticubes have an extremely porous design which makes them particularly suited for starting plants by stem cutting. Completely pH neutral, Oasis Horticubes have no fertilizer built-in, so organic growers can use them for starting seeds as well.

    First, saturate with water or cutting solution. Then stick your cuttings in the pre-punched holes. Next, keep them moist and wait for root development. When cuttings are of transplant size, simply cut the individual cubes with a knife and transplant them into your medium.

    Horticubes provide a clean media for crops requiring high water usage. Frequently used for hydroponic seed germination of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, its unique design allows for drainage of excess water from the base of the seed or cutting. Recommended for the following: Lettuce, Arctostaphylos, Bougainvillaea, Copper Leaf, Ficus Benjamina, Aglaonema, Nandina, and others.