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Custom Shade Cloth

The current production time for Shade Cloth is around 3 weeks.

    • If it is important that grommets mirror each other, you must call in to order and let us know.
    • All pieces have factory seams in the cloth.
    • In windy areas, shade cloth needs to be supported by additional cable reinforcements, regardless of the size of the cloth.
    • Free Shipping applies to the lower 48 states ONLY, no international shipping. Can not ship to PO Boxes, must have a physical address.
    • Dimensional Information: Due to this being a knitted material, there exists the possibility of the measurements being within 3-4 inches of the requested dimensions. This happens rarely, but please keep in mind that the possibility exists. We cannot do half inches only whole inches.

    Not sure what percentage of shade cloth you need, have more questions, or need help? Check out our Shade Cloth FAQ article!

    Our quality shade fabrics are manufactured featuring tough, lock-stitch construction.

    With pieces 100 square feet or larger, we advise providing support cables underneath to prevent sagging. Lightweight cable can be run from corner to corner, providing an X for the shade cloth to rest on. For pieces over 400 square feet, lightweight cables running end to end every 4 feet are advised.

    Custom orders (including all Shade Cloth) cannot be returned and are not refundable. Please check to make sure the sizes you need are correct before placing the order.

    All Pieces Will Have Factory Seams.

    Contact us to request your free shade cloth sample. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 437 reviews

Did not use the product…..yet! But I will…

Ryan Jahr
Quality product

Have ordered custom shade cloth from Growers Solution in the past and have been satisfied both times. I would order again.

ron c/o Jay natoli malfara
as ordered thanks

as ordered thanks

Great Product Pearl 50%

Arrived early. Quality workmanship. Excellent grommet placement. Easy to. Install and fit like a glove. Huge difference in greenhouse comfort level. This covers a small greenhouse and I really appreciate the ability to order custom sizes.

Custom Shade Cloth - Aluminet 30%

Grower's Solutions said 2 weeks to make the custom shade in the size I wanted. It took exactly 2 weeks!

The size, grommets and material was exactly what I ordered and the quality is exceptional!

It fits perfectly over my garden beds with trellis as I hoped it would.

One comment for gardeners. Even though the shade cloth material is very durable, since I bought 30%, it's very easy to snag it on ANYTHING as you're installing it. So, be careful and meticulous as you install it.

Great service, great company, excellent price!