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Tax Information

State laws require Grower's Solution to have exemption certificates from all customers who claim a tax exemption. If the exemption certificate is not received, Grower's is required by law to charge tax in all US States and the District of Columbia.

Yes, if your business qualifies for a tax exemption, a properly completed exemption certificate must be submitted to Grower's Accounting Department. Once we have received your exemption certificate(s), your account will be updated within one business day. All orders following this account update with be considered tax-exempt.

As it turns out, we are unable to offer sales tax refunds for orders prior to your exemption status.

Please submit your completed sales tax exemption certificate along with your contact information to our accounting team at or contacting us at 1.866.928.3390.

No. The great news is that once our accounting team has you marked as exempt you'll no longer be charged sales tax on either website or phone in orders. You will need to be logged into your account for the website orders to calculate your exemption properly.

Tax Exemption Information