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Soil Test Kit

  • MySoil® soil test kit is a start-to-finish solution for the DIY & professional community. Our team has successfully combined predictive soil testing technologies with an easy-to-use customer experience that assists in improving soil and plant health, while effortlessly guiding sustainable practices. Our goal is to guide users in perfecting their soil to grow the healthiest plants possible. Please visit MySoil Test Kits website to access your results in your account.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Elizabeth Green
    Awesome test

    I've never seen such a thorough test as yours. I'm very excited to get my results. I will purchase again and recommend it to everyone who plants any type of garden!

    Good product for correct information

    Slow on receiving the kit but quick turnaround for the results. Found out about the kit from Deep South Homestead on YT. Test results pinpointed soil deficiencies and factors that are within range for vegetable growth. Knowing the deficiencies saved me money by not having to try hit and miss amendments. Time will tell but I believe having the test results will help me get the soil conditions tuned in to better growing success of both fruits and vegetables. I will submit another test this fall to check results and prepare for next year.

    Stephen Sachs

    We sent in our soil test almost three weeks ago. We still have not heard back from the company. Thus no soil results to date!

    William Elliott
    Where’s my results?

    I can’t review because I haven’t received my kit. I ordered a second kit, haven’t received it either.

    Sherry Cravath

    This test was easy and convenient. The results came back quickly. I found out I was very low in nitrogen. Glad I found that out before I planted tomatoes and peppers.