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Greenhouse Warranty Registration

A greenhouse is a big purchase and we understand that Mother Nature doesn't always work in our favor. Grower's Solution is proud to offer a storm damage 10 year warranty on all of our greenhouses. We proudly guarantee and stand behind all of our structures and want to ensure your experience with a Grower's Solution greenhouse is exceptional.

To take advantage of this 10 year warranty, we request that you complete the registration form below. All we require is your contact information, purchase details, and a few photographs of your greenhouse! By obtaining this information we are able to ensure your structure has been assembled properly and link your warranty information to your account.

Once your greenhouse is registered, the frame will be covered against storm damage for the next ten years. This coverage includes damage caused by strong winds, hailstorms, flooding, and other severe weather events. Normal wear, greenhouse film, and shade cloth are excluded from this coverage. 

In the event that your greenhouse experiences storm damage, simply visit our warranty claims page to begin the claims process. Our staff will gladly provide you with the necessary assistance and guidance to make the process as seamless as possible! When filing a claim, please complete all of the required fields and a member of our customer service team will reach out to you to gather any additional information and guide you through the replacement process. Greenhouses with an active storm damage warranty will be eligible for a 50% price reduction for any replacement parts needed to repair the greenhouse, plus discounted shipping. Greenhouses without an active storm damage warranty will not be eligible for this discount and replacement parts will be provided at full price.

Upon receipt of your claim, we will assess the damage based on the photographs provided. If the damage falls within the scope of the warranty, we will promptly proceed with getting your replacement quote completed. Labor or crop loss will not be covered. Rest assured, throughout this process we will maintain clear and open communication with you to ensure a satisfactory resolution within these guidelines.

Please note that our warranty is non-transferable and remains tied to the original owner for the duration of the ten-year coverage period. Should you require any clarification or have inquiries regarding the warranty terms, our customer service team is available to assist you.

If you require more than the alloted 60 days to complete your warranty registration please reach out to us for an extension request. We understand that things can happen to delay your assembly and want to make sure you are able to receive the warranty. 

Happy Growing!