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Drip Kit Assembly

Drip Kit Assembly

Drip Kit Parts

Drip Kits are very easy to assemble. Below we have made as detailed a tutorial as possible to help you assemble one. Enjoy!

Below are the parts that you’ll typically find in a drip kit purchased from

Drip Tape

Shutoff Valve

Pressure Regulator

Hose to Tubing Adaptor

Figure Eight

Hole Punch

11 Steps to the Drip System of your Dreams!

Hand modeling by Mike G.
Photography by “Growers Learning Studios”.


Step 1: Attach the Pressure Regulator(left) to the hose fitting adaptor(right).

Step 2: Attach the items from Step1 to the tubing(not to the drip tape itself!)

Step 3: Remember to tighten the nut down onto the tubing for a secure connection.

Step 4: Use the included hole punch to punch holes along the tubing where you want the drip tape to be attached

Step 5: Insert your Shutoff Valves into the holes made in Step 4.

Step 5(cont.) Make sure that the barb is fully inserted and locked in.

Step 6: Insert Drip Tape onto the other end of the Shutoff Valve and tighten the nut down onto the tape.

Step 7: Cut a small piece of tape off the end of the Drip Tape

Step 8: Fold the end of the Drip Tape over itself twice

Step 9: Roll the folded Drip Tape slightly and insert it into the piece of Drip Tape cut off in Step 7

Step 10: Slide the Figure Eight onto the end of the Tubing

Step 11: Fold Tubing over and insert into the other end of the Figure Eight

Step 11(cont.) Finished end