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SunPad Pro Commercial Seedling Heat Mats

  • SUNPAD™ PRO Commercial Seedling Heat Mats are perfect for professional growers. They reliably warm the root zone 10ºF-20ºF above ambient air temperature, creating excellent rooting conditions for seedlings and cuttings. Used with the required SUNPACK® Temperature Controller (SPTEMP) (Sold Separately) and tray domes, growers can dial in the ideal temperature and humidity for germination. These rugged and waterproof mats have a patented double-layer construction that makes it the right choice for greenhouses, nurseries, and commercial operations!

    SUNPAD™ Pro Commercial 150-watt mats are ETL listed and can be daisy-chained with the SUNPAD™ Add-on mats for a total of five mats. We also include our patented waterproof connectors that protect the heat mat against the effects of temporary immersion in water from 6" up to a meter deep for a maximum of 30 minutes.