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Horseradish Planting Instructions and FAQ's

Horseradish Planting Instructions and FAQ's

Horseradish Planting Instructions

  • Plant your roots as soon as you receive them if possible! If ground cannot be worked, store roots in a refrigerator in a loosely wrapped plastic bag.
  • The next year's crop should be planted in early spring, as soon as the soil can be worked. Also can be planted in late fall, the same as garlic or onions.
  • Choose a generous site of full sun for this fast grower. Since horseradish is a perennial, don't put it in a vegetable garden that gets tilled every year. Also can be grown in a deep container.
  • Dig a hole twice as deep as the roots of the plant. Hold the plant over the hole as you refill the dirt, keeping the base of the leaves at the soil line.
  • Water plant well. It is normal for the plant to wilt for a few days after planting. If planted in full sun, we recommend temporarily shading the plants for the first couple of days until they recover from transplanting.
  • Planting holes should be eight to ten inches.
  • The top (straight cut) of the root should be even with the rim of the hole and pointing upwards.
  • Fill the hole and mound three to five inches of soil over the root. Leave adequate space between the planting holes to allow the plant to grow to maturity.
  • Containers can be used for horseradish if they are large enough for good root development and have adequate drainage.
  • Use a potting mix that has been supplemented with compost. Pay close attention to watering since containers can dry out quickly.
  • Keep soil slightly moist, just as any other plant.

Horseradish Planting Tips

Horseradish thrives in full sun, but tolerates light shade. Allow at least 18 to 20 inches between plants. Place root at a 45 degree angle. Top of the root should be barely below the surface. Fill in the hole with compost and cover up a couple of inches high. Water immediately.

Frequently asked Questions


Can I grow these in my area?

To find out if a plant will grow in you area you need to Google your hardiness zone and check that with hardiness zone for the plant. You can also look at the USDA or the Department of Agriculture in your area.

What is a bare root plant?

It is in a dormant state and is shipped with no soil.

I see mold on my bare roots, will it be ok?

Yes it will be ok. Just wash it off in some warm (not hot) water.

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