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DeWitt UltraWeb 3000 - Woven Ground Cover

  • * If you purchase sod stakes they will ship separately from ground cover. *

    By applying the latest in state-of-the-art weaving technology, UltraWeb 3000 delivers a superior UV-treated ground cover for less than the cost of 6-mil black plastic. That is right, UltraWeb 3000 can save you money! This unique woven polypropylene ground cover is the ideal choice for safe weed control and water conservation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Dr. Ron Swain
I need more, great product!

The ground cover works great, just need better way of holding it down. I am using cinder blocks.
It is blocking the weeds perfectly and I burned holes in it to plant. I will buy this product again soon!


It’s a wonderful product! I would never use any other ground cover.

Dana Collier
I will never garden without this weed barrier again!

I used the DeWitt woven weed barrier for the first time this year after hearing about it from Kevin and Sarah on Living Traditions Homestead. It's fantastic! I have crabgrass, huge thistles, morning glory, and weeds that I don't even know what they are. My garden is 42×75 and I spent a losing battle every summer trying to keep up with the weeds. I would spend all day and still couldn't keep up. I've used cheaper brands that you can buy at chain stores and they ripped, the weeds grew right through, and I had a bigger mess. This DeWitt is wonderful! I pulled a few weeds in the growing holes at the beginning and that was it! I also used the drip irrigation and barely watered despite no rain and 100 degree temperatures. It really kept the water where it needed to be. I grew over 100 tomato plants, peppers, watermelon and corn. Everything grew like crazy. I had 7 rows of corn that I planted right in the fabric. I froze 112 lbs of corn from that! I had huge watermelon, peppers and tomatoes. The diseases didn't seem to hit me this year like in years past. I believe it's because I didn't have anything splashing up from the dirt. If you are on the fence about the investment, do it! It was so nice not to be exhausted by the time harvest came around! Quick tip on the irrigation, turn it on and have water through it before fastening down with staples. I fastened first and the ends kept coming off the on/off valves.

Not Sunbelt

I have used Dewitt sunbelt in the past and was expecting the same product when I ordered this but I mistakenly ordered the wrong product. This is definitely a lighter product. The construction of the fabric looks good and I'm hopeful that it works as well as the Dewitt Sunbelt ground cover. I'll update this review in a few months when I can get some first-hand experience with it..

Thin spots

I am hopeful that this will provide weed control. I am in the process of laying out strips in my basement and cutting (with a hot knife - would definitely recommend for sealing the edges!) my rows for the season. I am mid way thru the 600' room and coming to areas that are not woven as wells the rest. Loose weave, even some quarter sized holes. I still remain hopeful that this will cut back on weeds, but disappointed to see the lack of consistent quality on a product with this price tag.