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Twist II Clean Inline Water Strainer Filter

  • TwistIIClean is an easy-to-use sediment filter for home use. It can remove sand, sediment, and organics from the incoming water supply.

    TwistIIClean Filters boast twice the open area for greater flow and dirt-handling capacity. They are stronger and more durable than common nylon screens for a much longer life.

    Glass-filled polypropylene gives maximum strength and UV resistance to degradation, cracking, and failure. Clear bowl is acrylic for easy visual inspection to know when cleaning is necessary. The top seal is EPDM rubber. The bottom seal at the flush port is Viton.

    Built-in tabs for easy installation, no need for complicated bracketing. A pair of simple stand-offs and lag bolts (not provided) is all it takes for a secure installation.

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