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Polypropylene Woven Ground Cover

  • * If you purchase sod stakes they will ship separately from ground cover. *

    Ground cover is great for use under plantings in shrub borders and beds, in wet or dry locations, which makes it ideal for greenhouse and nursery usage instead of gravel. This weed barrier prevents weeds from growing by blocking sunlight from penetrating soil while allowing air and water through to nourish plants.

    To install properly, stake down your chosen fabric in desired area, then cover with 3 inches of mulch, rocks or desired covering. This stuff works great and will last for years!

Customer Reviews

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David & Annie S.
Master Garden Irrigation Kit is *****PERFECT****!!!

We have installed our "Master Gardener Kit" and totally LOVE IT! We needed it fast, so I emailed Growers and let them know we needed it ASAP. From order, payment and delivery, was less then 1 week, it was just 3-4 days! We were truly AMAZED. We did have (#3) broken/damaged T-Connectors but I ordered a few extra, so we were still able to get our garden irrigation set up. Thank You Grower's Solution and "Kevin & Sarah" from Living Traditions Homestead for your wonderful and informative video's. We are now working on setting up irrigation for our raised beds. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Grower's Solution and Kevin & Sarah's YouTube Channel. Our neighbors hung over our fence, watching us set it up. Of course we shared about you all and how GREAT your products are!!! THANK YOU for making gardening ENJOYABLE AGAIN! This is WONDERFUL for those with health issues and getting older, who otherwise have to give up their gardening.

Great product!!

This is the best product ever. We have been using this product several yrs. We do raised beds & this stuff saves so much work. It has been gardening such a pleasure. I can wash it off , sweep it off & use a leaf blower to keep debri off. Just love it!!

Janine Montgomery
First year

This is our first year with using the cover. It rolls out easy enough and cuts easily with a torch. My one concern is the water from the irrigation lines is not draining through the cover very quickly. It puddlles and sits on top.

Patricia Fleming
Great Product

This weed barrier really works! I Weeds cannot come through it, but water does, also keeps the soil beneath it cooler. It saves hours of weeding.


Loved it