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Humidity Propagation Dome Small Qty - Clear Dome Only - Volume Pricing Available

  • Made of heavy duty, clear plastic to improve seed germination and success rate of cuttings. These sturdy 2.5" tall Humidity Domes allow light in while keeping moisture levels high and constant. Will also retain heat supplied to the root zone! Remember as soon as seeds germinate to remove the cover. This will allow good air circulation and decrease in possible disease. Lots of sunlight and possibly supplemental light may be needed 12 to 14 hours a day.

Customer Reviews

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Sturdy domes! I haven't used them yet, but they are more durable than some brands, and fit the trays I ordered.

Michelle R
Great Product

This dome is very sturdy and fits the flats as described. If taken care of these can be used multiple years.

Best Domes on the Market

I have been using these domes for several years now. They are the best fitting and sturdiest domes I have ever used. I will not use anything else. You can get a few years out of the as long as you keep them out of sun and high heat which causes them to melt. But that is not a problem as by the time it gets warm, the seedlings are all up so I just put them away for next year.

Highly recommend these domes.


Just what I needed. Glad to find someplace that sells the domes separately at a good price.