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Polypropylene Woven Ground Cover

  • * If you purchase sod stakes they will ship separately from ground cover. *

    Ground cover is great for use under plantings in shrub borders and beds, in wet or dry locations, which makes it ideal for greenhouse and nursery usage instead of gravel. This weed barrier prevents weeds from growing by blocking sunlight from penetrating soil while allowing air and water through to nourish plants.

    To install properly, stake down your chosen fabric in desired area, then cover with 3 inches of mulch, rocks or desired covering. This stuff works great and will last for years!

Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews

Worth every penny I installed it completely by myself. This has saved me many hours that I would have spent pulling weeds. I was able to get other things done and not spend every day fighting weeds. I highly recommend. Thank you #growerssolution please follow me on YouTube at My Happy Homestead. I am new and will be adding content soon.

Jeff Graf
Best thing I ever purchased

Got the poly ground cover. Laid it down, burned holes for plants. Planted. It is soooo nice not having to fight the weeds all growing season! Just some minor weeding at the plant hole. I have creeping charlie that would strangle my plants. Not a problem anymore. I wish I had done this sooner. Garden looks and is growing great! I can't say enough how much I recommend this product.

Rick Wied
No more tilling isles.

Very satisfied with the woven weed barrier. Used less expensive quality in the past but this one is definitely going to be the one we continue to use.,

Vicki Bynum
Ground cover

I love this ground cover. Worth the money. Have had some of it down for close to 5 years❤️


Was great customer service.