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White on Black Plastic Mulch 1.0 mil

  • White on Black Plastic Mulch is primarily used for a "cooling" effect. The white surface is laid up to reflect heat away while the black surface is laid down to prevent weed growth. Great for lettuce, cauliflower, and broccoli.

    Increase yield and crop success with 1.0 mil White on Black Plastic Mulch. One of the primary factors that controls plant growth is light; and, in general, the more light the better. Better growth and higher yields are the result. Studies by Penn State University show boosts in crop developments up to 35%! With the white reflective mulch, light levels in the plant canopy are three times higher than with bare soil. White mulch has dual properties: light reflection and weed control since a layer of white is co-extruded over the black. Yet this embossed, high density mulch is only 1.0 mil thick. It is even tough enough to hold up under foot traffic during the harvest season.

    In northern states where the season is short, White on Black mulch is a vital link in improving yields by increasing the amount of light available to the plants. In more southerly states where a summer crop is planted, White on Black mulch deflects heat and keeps soils cooler.

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