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15 Mil Drip Tape Bulk

  • This is great for vegetable or flower gardening or to drip irrigate your shrubs. 12 inch spacing on emitters will put water where it needs to go. 15mil thick wall will keep damage from becoming a problem. Water will wick to all plants within 3 feet of the drippers. PUTS WATER WHERE YOU WANT IT! You can use this straight or curve it throughout your rows.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Berry Fun
Made my life easier.

This is my first year using jt, so far I can't complain. I recommend using staples to hold it securely so in bad weather it doesn't move and break your plants.

great stuff

much better than soaker hose


So easy to set up. Easy to handle. Waters great. Won't ever garden again without it.

Papa Gary
Fantastic solution!

I wish I'd known of this sooner! I've struggled to water our large garden in hot, windy Idaho for going on 30 years. After watching Living Traditions Homestead on YouTube for the last year, they recommended this system and found it to work terrifically! The ground is watering where it's needed and several inches deep. We are excited for the best year yet!

Good stuff and easy to set up

This is my first go at drip irrigation since the mid 90s. Thanks to some online research, I was able to go straight to growerssolution.com and load up on exactly what I needed. Products shipped quickly and I was up and going in no time. I haven't had to turn it on yet due to uncharacteristically wet weather for my region, but the test went well. Everything is a tight fit. The wife and I couldn't be happier.