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Batten Tape

  • Batten Tape is great for attaching plastic covers to greenhouses, for covering the ends of greenhouses (especially around the doors or other openings), or attaching temporary covers over cold frames. It's also great to hold tarps over construction projects.

    Formulated to resist extreme cold and UV radiation, Batten tape is designed to be tacked or stapled over greenhouse film to a wood or plastic surface securing the film to your structure. Ken-Bar's vinyl batten tape provides a quick fastening method for stapling plastic film to wood framing. Batten tape is very flexible and easy to use -- unroll, hold in place, and staple.

    Installation is simple. Pull tape taut before stapling. Staple at least every 4 inches, using a minimum of 5/16 staples. For a tighter seal, staple every 2 inches. During cold weather, keep the tape in a warm place before use. Where wind might be an issue, use a double line of tape. To remove the plastic film, pull on the tape and the staples will come out.

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