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Deadline M-Ps 4% Mini Pellets (10 lbs.) Slug and Snail Killer

  • Deadline M-Ps has a proven attractant, DB27, and a powerful 4% metaldehyde formula to kill slugs and snails fast. The deadline has been extensively tested.

    In wet or damp areas, the problem commercial growers and landscapers face when controlling snails is rapid bait degradation. Most grain-based baits quickly swell, fall apart and become ineffective. And sand-based, metaldehyde coated baits lose their toxicant coating.

    Deadline M-Ps superior product form, unique, patented attracting system, and 4% homogenous metaldehyde formula overcome these problems.

    Deadline M-Ps can withstand 6" of rain in 14 days and still remain effective.

    Baits that dissolve prematurely mean you have to reapply them to get the level of control needed. Long-lasting Deadline M-Ps can reduce labor and material costs.

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