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Dosmatic MiniDos Fertilizer Injectors Improve your crop!!!

  • The Dosmatic MiniDos Fertilizer Injector eliminates the need for electricity while allowing a wide range of chemical uses. Improve crop quality with accurate management and distribution of fertilizer. The injector can also be used for accurate dosages of poultry, hog, or barnyard medications. The product can also be used to eject soap at the desired ratio for more effective car washing and product management.

    Just attach the Dosmatic MiniDos Fertilizer Injector to your water source. With over twenty years of experience in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of non-electric, water-driven, injectors, Dosmatic provides both expertise and solutions for the horticulture market in the use of fertilizers, pesticides, disinfectants, and other water-soluble products that are dependent on precise and accurate dispensing to be most cost-effective. The product is easy to install, operate, and maintain.

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