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Hanging Basket Drip Pan - Clear Vinyl - Curtis Wagner

  • Catches water overflow protecting floors and decks

    Attaches easily to existing hanging baskets

    Conserves water-saving time and money

    Keeps plants moist longer

    Cut down on watering! Do your hanging baskets need moisture throughout the day? Do you keep watering your plants only to have the water trickle out the bottom onto your patios, decks, indoor flooring? Then you need our clear vinyl hanging drip pans!

    Fast and easy, the clear vinyl hanging basket drip pans snap onto the hanging basket. There's no more mess because the pan catches water drips. No wires are required because it uses molded built-in locks.

    Check your sizing. Most baskets that are sold in stores are either 10 or 12 inches. Please make sure of the size you need.

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