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Hand Tying Plant Tape Gun

  • The Tape Gun is a hand machine used to tie up plant stems to supports, trellises, or wires in order to train or shape the plant while it grows. It can be used for any horticulture or agriculture crop that requires the training of plants trunks of stems to be adhered to a stable structure such as a plant wire or trellis, or some type of plant stake.

    The Tape Gun uses specialized PVC/PE tie tape which feeds through the unit and is then stapled together around the plant stem and the support to make a firm or loose tie depending on the type of plant material you are tying. The specialized tape will also stretch as the plant stem grows so that it won’t cut or impede growth of the plant.

    The Tape Gun works with a simple four step operation. First the jaw is closed down and slight pressure is applied so that the tooth closes down on the tape. The handle is then released and the tape pulled out of the unit, stretching across the mouth of the jaw. Then you push the stretched tape over top of the step of the plant support so that this is all contained within the jaw opening. Last, with increases pressure you close down the jaw and so that the tape is wrapped around the stem and plant support and staple the tape together. The blade automatically cuts the tape for a clean finish.

    The maximum girth that can be tied is 4 cm (1.57 inches). Once you have mastered the use of the Tape Gun you will soon realize that it increases productivity greatly over traditional hand tying.