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Ken-Bar Custom Floating Covers 30 Ft Wide

  • Dupont 5131 Floating Crop Cover is 1.25 oz./sq. yd. (42 g/sq. m) spun-bonded polypropylene, light enough to float over crops as they emerge and grow. For growers who need a more durable floating cover, Dupont 5131 is the preferred choice to the standard lighter weight materials such as Reemay. When handled with care, it will last 3-4 seasons or more. It transmits adequate light (approximately 70%) for optimal crop growth. Although this material can in most circumstances provide up to 5-6 degrees of frost protection, it is not considered a frost protection blanket. The primary function is to enhance growth with a daily temperature increment over a period of several weeks. Dupont 5131 will also help to extend the growing season by providing extra protection into the Fall.

    Crops that are suited for Dupont 5131:

    • Vegetables -- all direct seeded crops and transplanted vine crops. Do not cover transplanted pepper and tomatoes unless hoops are used to prevent damage during windy conditions.
    • Small fruits -- cover strawberries in late fall or early spring.
    • Cut flowers -- Hoops might be required where the wind is a problem.


    • Easy to install -- unfold and secure the edges.
    • Durability for extended season use.
    • Ideal for vegetables, small fru1ts, and flowers.
    • Protection from insects that directly damage crops and those that transmit diseases.
    • Protects crops from the wind; however, under extremely windy conditions, crops such as tomatoes, pepper, and summer squash might be damaged by the cover. Under such conditions, hoops should be installed to keep the cover off the plants.
    • Rainwater readily passes through the cover.
    • An excellent cover for overwintering crops such as strawberries or flowers.


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