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Ken-Bar Floating Crop Covers AG-06

  • Dupont AG-06 UV Pointbonded Polyester is a general use, lightweight floating row cover. It is made of white, ultraviolet (UV) resistant spun-bonded polyester that transmits approximately 70% light, which is adequate for crop growth. Because it is very lightweight (0.6 oz/ sq. yd. or 20 g/sq. m), it is most often used as a floating row cover - that is, it gently floats on top of the crops as they emerge and grow.

    Soft and non-abrasive, it will not damage crops. Supporting hoops are generally not needed. Although Dupont AG-06 is light in weight, it is durable enough for multiple uses in one season or for several years when handled with care.

    Crops Suited to AG-06
    Vegetables All direct seeded crops and transplanted vine crops. Do not cover transplanted pepper and tomatoes unless hoops are used to prevent damage during windy conditions.
    Small Fruits Cover strawberries in late Fall or early Spring
    Cut Flowers Hoops might be required where wind is a problem