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Low Pressure Poly Oval Hose Max Flat

  • The Max Flat Hose is the most versatile hose available for sub-main or water transfer applications. The combination of toughness, ease of use, and portability makes the Max Flat Hose the right choice for commercial growers everywhere. We focus on the fundamentals of cost containment, reliability, and quality control, so you can be free to focus on growing your business.

    Once again our price-performance balance is unmatched in the field; we don't compromise on quality. All of the Max Flat Hose is fabricated from premium polyethylene resin, specially formulated to resist stress cracking and kinking, and to ensure long-term reliability. But resin strength alone is not enough - it takes precision manufacturing to ensure the uniformity of internal diameter and wall thickness that delivers the kind of performance demanded by experienced growers.