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Naan 5024 - 1/2" Male Base Full Circle Plastic Sprinkler

  • Naan 5024 - 1/2-inch Plastic Sprinkler Male Base, Full Circle is ideal for under-tree irrigation, bananas, vines, and orchards. Its full-circle, turbo hammer, medium volume, low angle, medium-range features make this a smooth operator. The Turbo Hammer mechanism provides excellent water distribution uniformity and smooth operation at low-pressure rates.

    Resistant to corrosion, fertilizers, and common agricultural chemicals. Simple Installation! Simple Operation! Simple Maintenance! A wide range of color-coded bayonet nozzles is for easy identification, cleaning, or replacement.

    The Naan 5024-1/2 inch consistently high performance makes this a reliable workhorse for your needs. Equip yourself for success with the Naan 50024 - 1/2 inch!

    This is a fantastic sprinkler for everyday use on your lawn and gardens.