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Netafim 48" Plum Pressure Compensating Assembly Only For Spray Stake 3.2 Gph

  • A complete PC Spray Stake Assembly is of 1 Spray Stake (standard or rod mount) and 1 Dripper Assembly.

    Superior Wetting of the Soil Mix

    Uniform watering from the first to last pot

    Eliminates Misting

    Efficient spray patterns

    Simple, secure shut-off

    Adaptable to all soil media types

    Spray Patterns Designed for Nursery Containers Pick the spray pattern that is right for your plants

    Simplifies Design Layout Reduces system costs

    Simple, Secure Shut-Off Prevents water waste and accidental close-offs

    Adaptable to All Soil Media Types Stake or rod mount options available

    Full Range of Flows

    Low Maintenance Lowers cost of operation

    Easy Installation Prevents problems that increase installation costs