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Ooze Tube 45 Gallon - Case of 15

  • You have heard many experts say that light and frequent irrigation is the most effective way to establish trees and woody ornamentals - the Ooze Tube is the first truly portable drip irrigation system that makes light and frequent watering possible, and it makes irrigating the "right way" cheaper and more convenient than the "old way." The 45-gallon Ooze Tube is one of our popular products with professional contractors. It holds a lot of water - over 45 gallons. It will keep a 5-inch caliper tree irrigated for 3 weeks between refills! It fits on any type of tree - multi-stems, conifers - you name it! Its set up time is quick and easy and comes complete with everything you need, except water. It places absolutely no lateral force against the trunk of the tree, and it allows air circulation which prevents mildew formation and stem discoloration.

    There are many advantages of using Ooze Tube. The Ooze Tube only requires refilling every 10 days. Large Trees do not require multiple Ooze Tubes.