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Oxo-Degradable Black Plastic Mulch 0.5 mil

  • Eco-One is your completely degradable plastic mulch. Because there is no pick-up or disposal, Eco-One Oxo-Degradable mulch saves you time and money. No labor, no cleanup, and no landfill!

    You don't lose strength with this mulch: Eco-One oxo-degradable mulch films provide the strength required to ensure a tight fit over raised and flat beds, while improving growing conditions. It also retains all the benefits of regular mulch such as increased yields, easy installation, earlier harvest, soil warming, weed control, and moisture retention.

    Oxo-bio plastics, especially in the form of plastic bags, are now used in many places as a solution to the problem of plastic litter in the open environment. Oxo-biodegradable plastics contain metal salts used as the catalyst for Oxo-biodegradation. These carry no risks of environmental pollution as they do not contain heavy metals, but rather transition metals such as iron, cobalt, manganese or nickel.

    Oxo-bio products are designed not to degrade deep in landfill so that they will not generate methane - a dangerous greenhouse gas. There is no evidence of any danger to wildlife; almost all the plastic fragments found in studies on the marine environment are fragments of conventional plastic, unsurprisingly as this still makes up the vast majority of plastics in circulation; some argue Oxo-biodegradability removes the main rationale for bans on plastic-bag i.e. that conventional plastic can lie or float around in the environment for decades.

    Oxo-biodegradable plastic warms the soil, leading to much earlier crops, it also keeps the weeds down for a few months, and then it falls apart, so it doesn't have to be removed and added to agricultural plastic trash. It's especially good for vining crops like watermelons and sweet potatoes, because by the time the mulch disintegrates, the vines cover the ground and weeds don't stand a chance.

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