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30 PSI Pressure Regulator - Senninger - 3/4" FPT or 1" FPT

  • The PMR-MF (Pressure-Master Regulator Medium-Flow) is ideal for installations requiring mid-range flows of 2 to 20 GPM (454 to 4542 L/hr), including solid-set, drip, and other low to medium-volume irrigation systems. Senninger regulators maintain a constant preset outlet pressure with varying inlet pressures, which alleviates pressure differences that can cause an applicator’s area of coverage to change. The pressure regulator will maintain the predetermined operating pressure provided that the inlet pressure is at least 5 psi above the expected outlet pressure, but not exceeding the maximum inlet pressure.

    These units are 100% water tested for accuracy at Senninger’s facilities. They have been designed to have very low hysteresis and friction losses allowing for a more constant volume of water in your system. They can be installed above or below ground as the application calls for. Each one has a patented tamper-proof design and no external metal parts for excellent corrosion resistance.

    How To Use Tips:

    This unit is designed to thread onto any system that utilizes a male national pipe thread (NPT) connection. The broad flow rate and high inlet pressure allow it to be used for multiple applications ranging from the main pressure regulator at a manifold, in a drip tape system, in an overhead sprinkler system, etc. Always make sure the directional flow rate arrow is pointing in the direction you want water to flow.