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Vermiculite 1 Cubic Foot

  • Need a big bag? We have it! Vermiculite provides aeration and drainage, retaining and holding substantial amounts of water to later release as needed to help feed roots, cuttings, and seeds for faster growth--even propagation. Vermiculite is sterile and free from diseases. It has a fairly neutral pH and is non-toxic and safe to use. As a rule of thumb, Horticultural Vermiculite has been used for years to amend professional potting soils made from peat moss (called "soil-less" mixes or artificial soils because they literally contain no soil). They also have been used in outdoor mixes, in turf-grass and outdoor plantings, for gardens, and increasingly for commercial and amateur hydroponic growing and water conservation (especially in landscaping and gardening).


    We offer fine, medium, or extra coarse grades of vermiculite.