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Bats Are Friends Too!

Bats Are Friends Too!

If you enjoy nature and all its wildlife, then you may be interested in investing in a bat house. During the summer time, they are known for flying around at dusk, especially if you reside in the rural area. Here at Growers Solution, we have a wide variety of bat houses to choose from, all equipped with additional perks and ranges of numbers of inhabitants.

First, we have the Heath Bat House, which can house up to twelve bats in a single chamber. It has a landing platform for bats to fly to, along with a vent gap for air. It is made completely out of cedar and is capable of surviving for several seasons. When purchased, ideally it should be placed approximately 15 feet off the ground, facing either the South or the Southeast. It is a great house, especially for a small number of bats.


Next, we have the Rubicon in either the driftwood or the hunter green style. It is good for the environment because it is made of recycled plastic milk jugs, so it is virtually indestructible. It is a four-chamber house, able to house about 200 bats.


Also available is the Songbird Essential Bat Attic (regular and junior size) and the Songbird Essentials Single Compartment and Large Bat Chalet. The Attic version is a two chamber, cedar house, allowing 30 bats to occupy. It has a rough interior for better grip and has a slanted front to eliminate waste build up. It is also very easy to mount. The Chalet versions are a single and double compartment house with grooves on the inside for easy gripping. Both are made from cedar and should be mounted about 15-20 feet off the ground.

Songbird Essential Bat Attic-Regular

Songbirld Essential Bat Attic-Junior

Songbird Essentials Bat Chalet

Last, but not least, we have the Audubon Cedar Bat Shelter that is a single compartment house, able to house 20 bats. It, too, is made of cedar, red cedar actually, and has a rough interior for the best grip as possible. Not to mention, it is made in the USA.

In conclusion, we offer various bat houses for our customers to house their woody creatures. Each have their own unique quality about them, but all are top products. Do not let your friends go homeless! Invest in a bat house today at Growers Solution!