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Tired of Weeds? Undersow as a preventative weed control!

Tired of Weeds? Undersow as a preventative weed control!

Under sowing as a Preventative Weed Control

Green manure crops are a difficult choice for most farmers. The limitations of growing on land with no financial return, but with an emphasis on soil improvement is tough to juggle. Cultivation of crops, the removal of weed seedlings, early on can show promising returns with the primary crop. The umbrella leaf canopy shades the ground where weeds tend to grow. Close to the harvest date, after an intensive cultivation to inhibit weed growth is performed promptly during the cultivars life cycle, an under sown green manure could be applied to the ground. If any stragglers or other weeds make it through this onslaught of weeding, they must be pulled as to not upset the freshly sown green manure. After 4 years of diligent weeding, cultivation, and soil churning, weed problems should diminish and the soil is then more valuable because of its weed seed free characteristics.

For instance, buckwheat, alone or mixed with a red clover, can be sown beneath potatoes. Clovers, nasturtium flowers, and Echinacea might benefit the soil, and plants that grow taller than 12 inches off the ground. After tilling the soil, plant your primary crop, and even a companion crop beneath the canopy. With tenacity, pull and hoe the ground until weeds rarely appear. 3-5 weeks before your expected harvest date, sow under and around the primary crop a green manure, for instance New Zealand white clover, mammoth clover, or red clover and allow it to become established. This will save time, money, and more importantly build the soil health while netting a harvest of a desired crop.