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Jumpstart the Season With Indoor Lights!

Jumpstart the Season With Indoor Lights!

Growing season is soon coming, and it being almost February, gardeners need to be thinking about their whole season. Starting tomatoes early for instance provides the tomato plant more time to get large, sometimes as big as a small tree, or as large as a bush. Starting seeds early requires a high intensity light, more light than the window sill or standard house lights can provide. If you try and use regular lighting, the plants will often times stretch uncontrollably, reaching for more light, creating weak stems.

This article will go over the different kinds of seed starting fluorescent lights available, including the Jump Start light stand making height adjustments easy for any light system. Grower's Solution uses the T-5 fluorescent fixture, 2-bulb unit for seedlings, and propagation. We suspend it from a Hydro Farm Jump Start light stand. This light stand can fit any type of florescent fixture, from 4-foot systems to 2-foot systems. The suspension system can be easily lowered, and lifted because the cords, and retention system is built inside the frame! The stand can sit on a table, or even the floor.

Hydro-farm high-output fluorescent system can provide enough lumens to prevent stretching. The housing is well-built with good reflectivity, and has an on/off switch. If you want to hook up multiple units, another plug is available on the fluorescent unit allowing you to combine other light systems together on one plug. T-5 bulbs, for starting plants, can really give the gardener years of use before replacing the bulb. These lighting fixtures are perfect for an herb garden, or for early seed starting.

The Jump Start light system does not include another plug for combining light fixtures. However, what it does have is an economical price for what you get. It comes with a Jump Start stand to suspend your 2-foot, or 4-foot light fixture. The Jump Start system has only one bulb, unlike the T-5 fixture, but still has an on/off switch, and the same lumen to wattage output per bulb. There are many fixtures and bulbs you can purchase for around the same price at local stores, although none matches the power output (lumens) that these T-5 light fixtures offer. The Jump Start with a stand is a great deal, because you still have to suspend your light system and make adjustments as the plants grow.

Either system will work for seed starting. Combined with a heating mat, the seeds will maintain ample temperatures with plenty of thermal energy. Tomatoes benefit a great deal from gaining an early start with indoor light. This will provide for successful early plantings of your favorite variety.