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Greenhouse Convection Tubing

Greenhouse Convection Tubing

Here in Middle TN, temperatures have reached the 100’s. In addition, if you are working in your greenhouse, you know being under plastic is like being in an oven. But, if you have a fan, we have a solution.

One of the best solutions to controlling the temperature in your greenhouse is to invest in poly convection tubing from Grower’s Solution. It works wonders in the summer when temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees. It supplies a constant flow of fresh air. The tubing is also very handy over winter. It blows warm air and helps to distribute it evenly throughout your greenhouse. It is easy to install and inexpensive. Upon installation, I recommend using the convection tubing hangers, which are also sold at Grower’s Solution. 


The poly tubes are customized to your specifications, so the maximum amount of airflow is focused where it needs to be. The plastic comes in 4 mil (guaranteed for 1 year) and 6 mil (guaranteed for 3 years). The plastic is protected with a strong ultraviolet inhibitor, is designed for maximum light penetration, and for durability in a greenhouse environment. 


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