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The Soil Catcher

The Soil Catcher

Don’t you just hate it when you are in your greenhouse, filling pots or trays with soil, and it ends up spilling on the ground and is wasted? Wouldn’t you like to keep that soil and use it to your benefit and keep you from essentially losing money? Well, this easy to make soil catcher does just that.  It prevents the soil from spilling in the floor, ultimately saving you money and labor.With just the few materials needed, you can have your very own soil catcher made in no time.

First, you need to gather and purchase the necessary materials to make it. Several two by fours will be needed, nails, plywood for the sides, and a small piece of wire fencing with small holes, such as rabbit wire. If desired, you can also just use scrap pieces of wood as well and make do with the materials you have. Basically, as long as you have a large box, with a portion of wire covering part of the top of the box, while the rest is open, then you have your soil catcher. Below is a prototype of what is should resemble.

Building the product is pretty easy and self explanatory by the picture. All you have to do is build a box out of your wood, then place a portion of wire over the part of the box. It’s not very elaborate.

Once you get it built, it’s even easier to use. Simply put all your soil in the open area and place your trays or other containers on the wired section. Fill your plants, just as you would any other time on the wire section, except now, instead of it falling on the ground, it will fall directly back into the box to be used again. This is such a great idea to help save time, money, and labor.