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How to Square Your Grower's Solution Greenhouse

How to Square Your Grower’s Solution Greenhouse

In Just 1 easy step


Step 1

Find Your Diagonal Measurement 


In order to make sure your greenhouse is setup square we’ll need 3 numbers to do so. We need the length, width, & diagonal measurements.

Use our table below to find your diagonal distance in inches.

How to Square Your Greenhouse

Our example above shows a 16’ x 24’ greenhouse. Using the chart from the next page we know that our diagonal measurement should be 346.3” across in order to be square. So now that we have our 3 measurements we can proceed with driving the 4 corner stakes and then double check our length, width, and diagonal measurements before proceeding with the rest of the greenhouse assembly.

Greenhouse Horizontal Measurements Inches Rounded

Download these instructions as a PDF