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8 Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing Your Greenhouse

Here are eight things you should consider before you place your order:

  1. Where are you located? This fundamental question will help to determine what styles of greenhouses you can choose from. For example, if you are located in an area that receives large amounts of snow, you will want to consider our Glacier series designed with a tall peak that helps repel snow. 
  2. What are you growing? By asking this question, you will further determine what style of greenhouse you can choose from. If you are growing taller plants like trellis cucumbers or trees, you would want to look for a greenhouse with a taller center height like our High Sidewall or Super Duty series (Given that the series will work in your location.) Whereas if you are growing smaller plants like lettuce or tomatoes, you will be perfectly fine with our Quonset or Low Sidewall series (Given that the series will work in your location.)
  3. What is your goal? When purchasing a greenhouse, most people have a goal of what they want to achieve year to year. Some people will buy a greenhouse for added crop protection against insects, animals, etc., while others will use it to extend their growing seasons into the winter months. By determining your goal, you will figure out what necessary additions will be needed to start your new adventure successfully.
  4. What is the terrain of the area? By asking this question, you will determine if any preparation to the ground is needed to accommodate your new greenhouse. We always recommend placing your greenhouse on as flat of an area as possible. If your site is not flat, don’t worry, most customers can level the area; however, it is essential to consider this in advance to plan accordingly!
  5. Are there any structure restrictions in your area? Unfortunately, some customers will run into local regulations which prohibit them from installing a greenhouse. We recommend reviewing your local rules BEFORE you purchase your greenhouse to ensure that it meets all requirements!
  6. How are you planning on regulating the temperature of your greenhouse? We offer options as simple as shade cloth and rollup sides for the home gardener on a budget. However, we also offer exhaust fans, shutters, heaters, etc., for the growers who would like more automation in their house! When contemplating how you will control the temperature in your house, make sure to consider if you will be able to run electricity to the house because this will help determine which options you can consider.
  7. What is your plan for irrigation? Irrigation is a crucial component of any garden, so you need to make sure you have a plan in place! The location of your greenhouse will determine what irrigation options you will have. You need to consider how close the greenhouse will be to your water source. If you are running water a long distance, you may need to consider installing a pump or looking to see if you can install a gravity-fed irrigation system.
  8. Are you purchasing with an NRCS grant? All of our greenhouses are NRCS approved in the state of Tennessee; however, some states’ requirements do vary. We recommend reaching out to your local NRCS agent to get a list of their requirements to double-check that our houses are approved in your state.