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FAQ's on Greenhouse Film

FAQ's on Greenhouse Film

How can I protect my greenhouse from winter weather?

We put together a pamphlet that provides a variety of ways to protect your greenhouse from snow and ice. Click here for our Winterizing Your Greenhouse pamphlet.

How do I determine what size Greenhouse film I need for my greenhouse?

Unfortunately, not all greenhouses are made alike. If we are not the manufacturer of the greenhouse, we will need some measurements. We will need to know the width, length, center height and the bow length. The bow length is the measurement all the way across the bow, from ground to ground. Once we have these measurements, we can get you taken care of. **Side Note** Always add 2 feet to every measurement just in case.

Can I use Greenhouse Film on a PVC Greenhouse?

Using Greenhouse Film on PVC is not recommended. This will automatically void the manufacturer's warranty. However, you can prep your PVC greenhouse to get the full life of the film. PVC and the UV treatment of the Greenhouse Film will react and cause the film to deteriorate within a few months. The easiest way to correct this is to use any spray paint or roll-on exterior paint or primer and apply three thick coats to the PVC. Once it is completely dry, you should be safe to attach the film. You can also use tape, insulation or any other barrier between the pipe and film.

What percentage and color of Shade Cloth do I need for My Greenhouse?

This will depend on what you are trying to do and where you are located. In most cases 40 to 50 percent will be perfect. However, tropical plants and other species may need more sunlight. You will need to research the plants to see what they will need as well.

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