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Photosynthesis requires not only sunlight but also energy in the form of heat to work. So, while your plants may be fine most of the time without a heater, there may be signs that you need to give your buds a warm boost.

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  1. Will I need a forklift/tractor to offload my greenhouse or skid?
  2. No, depending on the size of your greenhouse, it can be offloaded by hand easily with two people. Each bundle will weigh somewhere around 40-80lbs. If your greenhouse comes with a pallet, most pallets can be cut open and easily offloaded by hand. “Some exceptions apply,” i.e., Large circulation fans or large hard good items. 
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Have questions about your drip irrigation system?  Need help picking out which fertilizer injector is best for your needs?  Our team dives deep into some of the most commonly asked questions to help take the mystery out of irrigation.  Increase your production and create an easier workflow with one of our Garden Kits
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