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Roll Up Door Instructions

Roll Up Door Instructions

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Step 1

  • Make sure the end wall kit (door frame) and greenhouse film are installedproperly. Attach wire-lock base around door frame before you pull the greenhouse film. (Figure 1.1)



Step 2

  • Attach roll-up door film to the top of door (header/wire-lock) with wigglewire. (Figure 2.1)





Step 3

  • Place the roll-up pipe in the bottom hook clip. Cut the excess film offthe bot-tom in a straight line, leaving about 8 inches. Then, roll the filmup on the pipe so that the film rolls on the pipe to the inside. This willkeep water from collecting in door roll Pipe. (Figure 3.1)

Step 4

  • Attach the film to the roll-up pipe with the bottom pipe clips by spacedequally on pipe. You will have one clip on each end and the in the center. (Figure 4.1)

Step 5

  • Assemble the swivel handle. (Figure 5.1)
  • Attach the “knuckle” to the 3 ft. extension pole. (Fastenwith tek screws) (Figure 5.2)
  • Attach the handle to the opposite end of the 3 ft. handle extensionpole.
    (Fasten with tek screws) (Figure 5.3)
  • Slip boot over the “knuckle”. (Figure 5.4)
  • Attach the swivel handle assembly to theroll-Up pipe. (Fasten with tek
    screws)(Figure 5.5)


Step 6

  • Tightly attach black strap to the top and bottom of the roll-up door. Attachthe batten tape with 2 tek screws and washers to the upright on top and thewood base on bottom. (Figure 6.1)
  • Remember to fold over ends double to reinforce. This keeps strap fromtearing out. (Figure 6.2)





Step 7

  • Roll-up the door, and trim off the existing greenhouse film. Leave about 2inches of over-lapping film. (Figure 7.1)




Step 8

  • You can use wire-lock to seal your door shut if needed (Figure 8.1).