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Wind Strapping Instruction

Wind Strapping Instruction

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Step 1

  • We have found the best way to throw your wind strapping over the Greenhouse is to use a water bottle or soda bottle filled with water. It will notpuncture or cut your film. Simply tie strapping onto the bottle (Figure 1.1)and throw over the greenhouse.





Step 2

  • Place wind strapping between the first and secondbow, then between the next to last and the lastbow. With the remaining wind strapping, equallyspace your strapping the length of your greenhouse. Strapping should be placed between thehoops (Figure 2.1). It is not required betweenevery bow; Figure 2.1 is just an example.



Step 3

  • When attaching strapping to your base or head board, fold over twice forstrength (Figure 3.1). Use a washer and wood screw to attach (Figure 3.2).