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Banana Tree Instructions and FAQ's

Banana Tree Instructions and FAQ's

Dig a hole two times as wide as and slightly deeper than the root ball. If the roots are tangled or pot-bound, loosen them with your fingers. Position the plants so that the point where the trunk meets the roots is only an inch or so below the soil level. Proceed with filling in around the roots with soil, tamp lightly with your feet, water well and add mulch.

Winter Care

Once the first frost hits, the hardy banana will die back to the ground. To over winter your hardy banana, prior to first frost, cut back stems and leaves, leaving 8-10 inches above ground. The hardy banana will then need good heavy mulch piled over the top of the remaining crown. Sometimes, depending on the size of your banana tree, this pile of mulch may be several feet high. For ease of removal the following spring, make a chicken wire cage to lay over the crown prior to mulching. Hardy banana trees can also be container planted, which can then be moved to a frost free area.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I grow these in my area?

To find out if a plant will grow in you area you need to Google your hardiness zone and check that with hardiness zone for the plant. You can also look at the USDA or the Department of Agriculture in your area.

How long before I can harvest?

The plant will produce this season. However, we suggest you do not harvest until the plant has been in the ground for a year. This will give the plant time to establish.

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