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Truck Farmers Garden Kit - 40 Row

Poly tubing is currently on backorder: Orders will ship by May 10th.

  • The Truck Farmers Garden Kit is a complete kit made to water up to 40 rows 50 ft long. Everything in the kit is reusable. We offer either 8 mil or 15 mil drip tape options. The drip tape may need to be replaced every couple of years. It comes ready to install. Uses no tools except a knife or pipe cutter. Easy to add on to if you need to make it larger.

    Check out this slideshow for the dripping progress of our Gardener Kits: Gardener Kit Progress

    This Kit includes:

    • 2000 ft of Med Flow 8mil Drip Tape. (15 mil upgrade is available)(May need to be replaced every two to three years.)
    • Emitters are spaced every 12 inches in the Drip Tape.
    • 1 Roll of 3/4" x 100' Poly Tubing
    • 40 shut-off valves connecting tape to poly.
    • 1 ea 3/4" Pressure Regulator
    • Garden hose hookup.
    • One Punch for mainline
    • 1 - 3/4" Figure-8 Ending Fitting
    • 3 Drip Tape repair Couplings just in case you need them.
    • 20 Goof Plugs for the unforeseen repairs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Grandpa Dennis
40 row kit

Great! I plan on changing all my watering to this system. I’ll need another for next year.

40 row truck farm irrigation system

This kit is very well designed, hope it works as well as it looks!