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16' High Sidewall Greenhouse Kit

Current Production Time: Estimated 2 Weeks


The Grower's Solution 7.5' High Sidewall Greenhouse Kits are a popular choice in the DIY gardening scene. For years, these greenhouse kits have delighted hobbyists, homeowners, and light commercial growers across the country. Customers appreciate their affordability and ease of assembly, while the galvanized industrial steel tubing ensures a durable frame. You can set up this 7.5' Sidewall Greenhouse Package in less than a weekend. Standing 12' to 13' tall, depending on ground stake installation, this commercial-grade package provides ample space for your plants.

Need a greenhouse with more headroom for larger plants? The High Sidewall Greenhouse is the perfect solution. Available in various lengths, it offers flexibility to suit your growing needs. With 7'6" sidewalls and 4 ft spaced bows, the design maximizes growing space and creates a stable environment. The high sidewalls also allow for easy installation of tables and benches along the interior walls, optimizing your greenhouse layout.

Kit Includes:

- Bows (Hoops) - 1 3/8" Galvanized Steel Tubing (16 Gauge)

- Greenhouse bows are installed on 4' centers (every 4')

- 10'6" Ground Stakes to drive approximately 24" to 36" into the ground

- 1 5/8" Galvanized Steel Tubing (16 Gauge)

- Center Purlin that runs the length of the greenhouse and connects the bows

- 4 Year Warranty 6 mil Clear, UV-treated Poly Greenhouse Film (3 pieces to cover the house including end walls)

- Wire Lock for attaching plastic to the frame.

- Wind Bracing is included on greenhouses 40' and longer and for an additional charge on houses under 40'.

- Wind strapping (enough for every other bow)

- Hardware

- Customer Support Number


- 16' Wide

- 12-13' Center Height

- 7'6" Side Walls

End Wall Kits, Roll-up Sides, Doors, V-Trusses, and Lumber (2X4s) for base and ends are NOT INCLUDED in kit.

Greenhouse Shipping

We ship our greenhouses via motor freight. Your location must be able to accommodate a full size semi-truck trailer up to 70ft. in length. You or someone else authorized must be present to unload the shipment. An exact delivery date will be arranged via phone by freight company. Freight charges vary depending upon your location. Please contact us at (866) 928-3390 if you have any questions regarding shipping or to receive a freight quote to your location.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Still frozen here to set up
Wont know for a few months

Excellent quality

We have had the 16 x 32 up for 3, going on 4 years now. Still in excellent condition. Looking to buy another to store all our gardening stuff in. Love it.

16ft high side greenhouse

Everything looks good, just getting ready to put up, kinda wished I didn’t go so high on sides because it’s really hard to sledgehammer in @ 10’5” pole!! But delivery was great, everything was there and I can’t wait to start growing. I used to have a nursery years ago, but now this one is just for fun!