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Junior Master Gardener Kit - 10 Row


Finally, here by popular demand, our Junior Master Gardener Kit is the answer to smaller gardening and greenhouse irrigation needs! 

The Junior Master Gardeners Kit is a complete kit made to water up to 10 rows 50 ft long.  Everything in the kit is reusable, except the drip tape, which needs to be replaced every couple of years.  We offer either 8 mil or 15 mil drip tape. It comes ready to install.  No tools are required for installation other than a pocket knife or a pipe cutter.

We also offer an upgrade kit and extra parts kit. The upgrade kit includes the end closures, ground stakes, and more!

Kit Includes

  • 500ft of 8mil Drip Tape.(15 mil upgrade optional)
  • 1 Roll of 1/2" x 50' Poly Tubing
  • 10 250-BV-06-LS with valve
  • 3/4" 15psi Pressure Regulator
  • Garden Hose Hookup (Power Loc Female Hose Swivel w/ Washer ½”).
  • 250B Punch
  • 1 Figure-8 1/2" Ending Fitting
  • 3 Drip Tape Couplers for tape repair.
  • 10 Goof Plugs (for repairs)

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Knight C.
Drip Irrigation Kit

It does come with everything you need to setup the watering. But there a few issues that made me give it only 3 stars.

1. The way you attach the drip tape to the Valve Fitting is not secure and it frequently comes off. Meaning that you set all this up, get the water flowing only to discover later that the water is shooting out of the fitting as it has come off. This occurs again and again. Should be a more secure way to attach it.

2. The drip tape comes (at least in the kit) in a huge roll. Unfortunately when you start pulling it off the roll it twists and you end up with many bends you have to de-tangle every time.

3. There is no simple way to close of the drip tape at the end of the row you ran. It frequently leaks. I have tried tying it in a knot and using a zip tie but it still drips.

4. The tool you use to puncture the Poly Tubing makes a very small hole where you then attach the Valve Fitting. Sometimes no matter how hard I tried I could not get the Valve Fitting in that hole. If you then use the tool to make the hole just a bit bigger, you will end up with a leak.

5. I have removed the drip tape from the roll, set it up on the valve and run it down a new row only to discover it has holes in it. This has happened more than once.

6. I wish you could puncture the drip tape yourself to drip where you want it to drip.


Perfect kit for anyone not wanting to figure out what pieces you need for irrigation. Love the kit. I only did 4 stars because a couple of the valves leak really bad. We had to swap them out for a different one. But overall I am pleased with the kit.


It’s a great solution for weeding my garden


It’s exactly what I thought it would be and will work perfectly for my irrigation setup

S Wade
Great product!

Great product with a very simple install of 20 min. Very happy with this purchase and highly recommend! Great YouTube video as well