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Photo-Degradable Black Plastic Mulch 0.6 mil

  • Photo-Degradable mulch is the latest greatest in agricultural plastics.  Now not only do you get all the qualitys from non-degradable plastics, but also the ease and eco-friendliness of our photo-degradable plastic mulch.  It's simple, lay the mulch, have an outstanding harvest, & let the plastic break down into H20, CO2, & Biomass.

    No more hassle of pulling up the plastic at the end of the season! Degradable saves time and money. It lays down just as good as the regular plastic but at the end of the season you do not have to pick it up. The sun will start to break the material down over time. It will first start to become brittle and then break apart. Time length of degradation varies and depends on climate, cloud cover, intensity of the sun and chemical usage. Corn grown under clear plastic can be harvested as much as two to three weeks earlier, verses corn grown on bare ground. Studies by Penn State University show boosts in crop developments up to 35%! If you're gardening or growing commercially you need to use our Plastic Mulch!

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