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SEQUESTRENE 330 FE 10% Chelated Iron, 5lb bag Great Iron Source

  • Sequestrene 330 in a 5 pound bag is derived from Technical Sodium ferric diethylenetriamine pentaacetate. Great Iron Source! Used in orchards and groves for fruit and nut crops and for field crops, alfalfa, beans, cotton, rice, safflower, corn, peanuts, flax and soybeans. Widely used for the correction of iron deficiency in certain crops in slightly acid to slightly alkaline soils. High Performance Iron Chelate for Foliar and Soil Applications Sequestrene 330 10% fully chelated DTPA iron chelate helps prevent iron chlorosis by maintaining and protecting iron availability in slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soils with a pH of up to 7.5. It prevents iron from binding with other compounds in the soil, allowing it to stay in a form readily available for plant use. For easy measuring and mixing, Sequestrene 330 iron chelate is available in a highly soluble, concentrated powder which offers excellent tank mix flexibility with NPK fertilizers and plant growth regulators for both foliar and soil applications.